This video was my favorite project I worked on. I was on an internship with The Smith International Folk Project (provided by Professor Miriam Smith at SFSU) in France and Belgium. We had the chance to interview and film Guam’s Inetnon Gefpå’go Dance Troupe. I was honored to learn about their culture through their dances and the journey to these folk dance festivals. 

Clog America was the main dance troupe we followed on the 2019 internship I was involved in. It was a pleasure traveling with, learning about, and experiencing their dances. This is one of the videos we created for their dance company.

A Night With The Stars was written and directed by myself, with the help of the intermediate TV Production students and the intermediate Editing students.

Working for Dextronix, Inc has given me experience in creating product videos. I was asked to put together a video for trade shows about some of the interventional products that Dextronix distributes to veterinary cardiologists.

Here is a video I did with Dextronix, Inc. This video is for an event marker in a program used for veterinary cardiology. This was written, produced, and directed by myself.