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I currently work in as a multimedia creator and office assistant at Dextronix, Inc. Expanding my knowledge of how to create all kinds of media has been fun, especially because with this company, it’s all based on helping save pet lives!

Enjoy this adorable .gif I made of me and my partner’s dog, Roxanne.

Why I Travel


There are many benefits that stem from international travel, such as students doing well while studying abroad and the basic economic growth aspect. Personal experience is sometimes the best way to confront someone else’s dreams. Learning the best places to visit for the atmosphere, the food, and the transportation around the country, can best be learned by other seasoned travelers. Some quick tips and tricks should always be welcomed when traveling internationally; from learning to pack light, what to pack, and also thinking ahead when packing up souvenirs.

Studies show positive effects from international studying abroad. A study was conducted with community college students by Dr. C. Michael Stinson is a professor of biology at the Daniel Campus of SVCC, and Dr. Percy Richardson, a professor of business management at the Daniel Campus of SVCC. Stinson and Richardson stated these are the benefits for students:

We are convinced that these benefits apply to students involved both in transfer programs and in vocational preparation at two-year schools… Opportunities to interact with students at four-year colleges provide our students with a chance to learn more about programs at those schools – programs that may interest them once they are finished with community college studies… While many of these activities were specifically oriented toward class topics, obviously some of them go beyond the subject area of the class as strictly defined and point to a benefit that any international class could and should offer: an increased awareness of the lives of citizens of other countries with the broadened perspective on many areas of human life that results.”

Looking at a country like Thailand, tourism can help stimulate an economic growth. Like many other countries, tourism is a very important part of the economy of Thailand. Research into tourism was done by Anothai Harasarn, Management Science, Khon Kaen University, and Surachai Chancharat, Management Science, Khon Kaen University. Harasarn and Chancharat found that countries like China, Japan, and Korea also thrive on tourism. In Thailand alone, tourism has increased to 23.92%, which helped produce an income of $24 million. Whether you’re stuck there on a layover for a few hours, or travel around the country, the tourism capital is an overall appreciation from the economy.

I love to travel, especially internationally. I started traveling when I was 11 years old. I’ve been to about half of the states here in the United States, and I’ve been to 19 countries. I travel because I never had a dream or a passion growing up. Everybody else dreams of what they want to be when they grow up or what they want their wedding to look like and what their wedding dress will be. That’s what they go for because that is what they want. I’ve never been able to do that. Instead, I had to find something more, and I think that’s, for me, what internationally traveling does.

Croatia, by far, had the best atmosphere. Everyone is bitter and angry, but also very laid back. It’s a gorgeous country surrounded by mountains and the Adriatic Sea. South Korea will always be a place to call home for me. The best part about traveling around South Korea is the easy access to public transportation and the way you pay for it. T-Money is widely accepted in all forms of public transportation. These can be easily purchased at train stations and mini-marts.

Communication is a big part of traveling. One of the easiest things to do is to learn some of the languages before you arrive in a country. When you get to your destination, find a local to help you learn a few key phrases. For when you really get stuck in a pinch, technology comes in quite well. There are apps designed to translate speech to text, such as Google Translate. Currency exchange apps are great for traveling between countries, and managing your money. The exchange rate can change at a moment’s notice. Sometimes instead of exchanging the currency from the previous country, it can be easier to just pull cash out of an ATM and wait to exchange the previous currency until you’re able to get a better rate.

Packing is always a hassle. You have to figure out how much space to have, and compare it to what you need and want to take with you. Pack light. Pack outfits that can be interchangeable with each other, giving you many options for style. Don’t worry about outfits for every day, because there are laundry services throughout the rest of the world!

Before you leave, make copies of your passport, photo state ID, and your birth certificate. These all can help prove you are who you say you are in the event that something happens while you’re abroad. Leave some copies with a trusted family member or friend, in case you need access to them. Also, keep some with you, stashed away in your luggage. Things happen, stuff can be stolen or lost.

Not everyone needs a souvenir from your travels. Pictures work great, and with social media, sharing them has never been easier. Save space by buying smaller gifts, such as shot glasses, postcards, and small trinkets. Make sure you save yourself some room for anything you want for yourself.

Benefits of traveling come in many forms. After experiencing another culture, thinking of the growth you help create by creating adventures and memories. Students who study abroad have even increased their education from traveling. Learning from seasoned travelers, and hearing their personal adventures can help you find the places that will capture your heart, and leave you wanting more. Remember to pack light, take it easy with the souvenirs, and always have backups of important paperwork handy.


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